10 Flirty Hairstyles To Make You Look Forever 21

July 26th, 2016

We understand aging. We understand the problems associated with aging. By aging we do not mean typically getting old but we mean the way your appearance changes year to year. The way your face reflects your age. Every woman would love to look 21 forever! And why not, probably at 21 we were at our best in terms of appearance.

Flirty Hairstyles To Make You Look Forever

Well, we actually cannot do anything you growing older but we can actually help you with some of the hairstyles to make you look forever 21!

Hairstyles To Make You Look Forever 21

A hairstyle has a very important role in playing as to the way you look. Some hairstyles make you look old whereas some others make you look younger. If hairstyle can help you look younger then why do go for it. When you are already using so many anti-aging formulas for your appearance, why not try a hairstyle. It is rather more convenient. You can check out some Splendid Medium Length Hairstyles for Women to try in 2016 is indeed a great thought. Trust me; the hotter the summer gets; the incredible these hairstyle ideas feel!

So, here we go with the list of hairstyles to make you look forever 21!

The shoulder length

The shoulder length 3

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A shoulder length cut with little curled ends is something that will flatter everyone. It will make you look much younger. It is an extremely elegant hairstyle as well. There are so many in the TV and film industry opting for this particular hairstyle as it actually takes off years from your appearance.

The bangs

The bangs 3

The bangs 2

If bangs are done perfectly there will actually make you look much younger. The condition is that they must be done perfectly or else they will spoil your look.


Waves 3

Waves 2

If you have curly hair then let the waves flow naturally. Although the important thing to remember is that waves are good on medium length hair only. A very long length will make is look messy.

Parting from the center

Parting from the center 2

Parting from the center 1

A center parting always looks very good. It is a very easy hairstyle and suitable for every occasion and even a usual office day.

Long Bob

Long Bob 2

Long Bob 1

Let your short bob grow into a long bob. The bob between your chin and shoulder is o la la! It makes you look 10 years younger.

A pixie cut

A pixie cut 3

A pixie cut 1

A pixie cut also makes many look younger but it won’t suit all. Take help from your hairstylist before going for a pixie cut.


Layers 2

Layers 1

Layers done in right amount and styles properly will make you look 21! By 21 we aren’t defining any age, all we mean to say is it will make you look much younger. Choppy layers as well as long layers are both good options to go for!


Curlz 3

Curlz 2

Keep your hair loose and add some curlz at the bottom. It is a great idea to make yourself look much below your age and especially if you have longhair flaunt them off!

Some more hairstyles that could help you to look young every time, regardless of your age:

    • If you have shoulder length hair, go for deep side part. It will give bounce to your hair and also make them look voluminous. This one is sexy, elegant and effortless!

deep side part hairstyle 1

deep side part hairstyle 2

    • A braided hair style, may be a back bun or keeping them loose is a great hairstyle option which will make you look younger.

braided back bun hairstyle 2

braided back bun hairstyle 1

Well, these are some best hairstyles to make you look forever 21. Keep trying each one for upcoming parties. You are beautiful at whatever age you are. What keeps you young is your confidence. So, just don’t worry! Keep going!

Whatever you hair length and hair type is, there a hairstyle amongst the ones listed above which will make you look younger. If you have too long hair don’t hesitate is cutting them short. Bobs and pixie are good options!

Keep trying new things and have a good hair day my dear friend.


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