20 Beautiful Nail Art Designs To Wear In The Office

Professional women know how different they will look once they wear a chic nail design, right! Today, we are introducing you beautiful nail art designs to wear in the office because when you’re at work that doesn’t mean you have to look boring. The following ideas are so easy and interesting that you can freely carry them at your office. Monochromatic color palettes and minimal geometric designs add cool, sophisticated touch to your office wardrobe without compromising your professional style.

Yes! Official style is all about looking professional, neat, descent and feminine. Choosing a nude shade to match with your outfit and compliment your skin tone may be easy for some, but for others it might be a challenge. Gals, these nail designs are really gorgeous for work or other formal occasions and contribute a lot as an important component for a superb business women look! Try, you’ll absolutely love these designs!

Beautiful Nail Art Designs To Wear In The Office

Chic Black and White Nail Art!

No matter who you’re going to meet in a business meeting and what you are going to wear, this nail design is always right! The design looks quite different because of the irregular patterns and is suitable for both young and matured ladies!

Golden Geometry!

You are required to draw V-shape design at the center of the middle fingernail and then draw a small triangle at the base. Use black color to fill in the triangle and to paint the outside area of V-shape. Don’t forget to apply thick gold polish for a chic look and add a large accent dot on the nail.

Floral Prints!

Want to add a touch of femininity to your everyday office look, opt for floral accents as one of the most beautiful nail art designs to wear in the office. Using dark green shade, try to create leaves on two finger nails and use berry pink color to outline flower shapes.

Glitter Nail Design!

This glitter design is not only fashionable for an official look, but also popular as a wedding nail design. Keep the base grey as the color looks quite eye-catchy with the little diamonds and silver sequins.

Speckled Nail Art!

Speckled nail art design look great and are relatively easy to do. It’s a great idea to mix it up and do some white and black backgrounds. Make sure to finish it off with a nice top coat of varnish for a glossy effect.

Ombre French Nails!

You’ll enjoy this nail design! Ombre French nails look great with office attire. But with a touch of gems on two fingers, it gives your nails a bit of glam touch.

Marble Nails!

Though it’s complicated to achieve, but still adds the perfect touch of detail to your professional look. Start by painting the nails with a white polish. Then, scrunch up a piece of plastic wrap and dip it slightly into gray polish to create a superb design.

Thin Stripes!

Thin stripes are always a perfect choice, if you want to create a bright, classic and trendy office look. The design ranks among top beautiful nail art designs to wear in the office. Start by painting all nails with a nude polish and create one or two strips of silver and gold striping tape over the base coat.

3D Nail Art!

The pink bow tie and black chain link 3D design is really worth to have on your nails. Well! This kind of interesting design works really well when you are wearing a relatively plain dress for business meeting.

We hope you enjoyed our list of beautiful nail art designs to wear in the office. From basic styles to more innovative and impressive styles, please have a look at these designs and get inspired. However, for different occasions you should choose the suitable designs, otherwise you’ll look weird or inappropriate. Particularly, for women who may have a boring work outfit and want to show off their colorful personality, try these cool nail designs!!