42 Chic Black and White Nails Designs to try in 2018

January 7th, 2018

Every year comes up with a new color that becomes the trend all over the fashion world but there is something about the classic black and white that can never fade out. Black and white combination is ageless and so elegant that no one is there that hates it. Because of its maximum contrast, this color match instantly draws the viewer’s attention. After that being said, the reason why we love black and white nails is obvious, right? Classic black and white nails designs doesn’t have to be boring. Just these two colors can give you a huge variety of designs and styles. Getting inspirations for spring beforehand is definitely good for you; especially, if you are fond of compliments. Check out our list of best black and white nails designs and see it for yourself. You cannot go wrong with these two opposite colors.


Black and White Nails Designs 2018

Gradient nails

Gradient or Ombre technique is one of the most popular nail designs this season. The secret weapon for this method is makeup sponge. Once you’ve mastered this technique, you’ll be able to wear the gradient look on their own or combine it with other techniques like freehand nail design or stamping. Keep reading for more black and white nails designs.

Polka dots

Polka dots look very classy and chic in Black and White combination. Creating this look is very simple and easy. Just paint your nails black or white and put dots using a tooth pick or dotting tool in alternate colors and seal your design with a top coat. Size doesn’t matter so you can put small or black polka dots according to your wish and even you can stamp the polka dot design art.

Zebra print nails

How about getting the zebra print done on your nails? Zebra print looks very pretty in this color as it is in its natural form. For this look, paint a base of white color and draw stripes in alternative directions (left and right turn wise). You can stamp this pattern too. This looks a chic black and white nails designs! You can add a hint of the third color to enhance the beauty of this combination. Hot pink and red looks great with this combination.


Black and White Nail Art Stripes look very pretty. Stripes are also trending in outfits this season. You can put stripes in vertical, diagonal or horizontal position. How to create this look? Giving your nails a base color says white paint the stripes in whatever direction you like in black. Do not forget to keep your hands steady for the perfect straight stripes. You can stamp stripes too using stripes template plate. The thickness of the stripes is entirely your choice. Just like in outfits these days you can add a floral motif to your stripes and rock your nail game.

Dandelion nail art

Dandelion nail design is the perfect choice if you want something sweet and soft on your nails. Start with a white polish as a base coat, and use a nail brush for drawing. Don’t forget to make a wish! Stunning black and white nails designs.

Googly eyes nail art

Googly eyes aren’t only reserved for Halloween. This sweet manicure can be rocked through the whole year. Apply your favorite black polish as a base coat and let it dry. Create white parts of the eyes with bigger end of a dotting tool and black parts with a smaller one. So simple and easy!

Ask women what colors are her favorite for nail coloring. The answer might be black and white as there are universal meanings implied behind the two colors.