42 Casual Work Outfits Ideas in 2017

Work isn’t very fun but being able to get dressed for work is. Depending on where you work, you might not have a lot of rules on what you can wear. Well, when you have an energetic personality that loves freedom and you are always feeling young, the casual work outfits ideas are the best for you. You can stop wondering what to wear to work to look as stylish as you do outside the office. Have a look at the best casual work outfit ideas to create your own business casual style. Let’s get started!

Casual Work Outfits Ideas

Hot weathered look:

Sometimes it can feel like it’s too hot to wear anything at all. We get it. On days like this, tank tops are allowed—just make sure they aren’t too strappy or low-cut. Balance out the skin-baring top with a mid length skirt and chunky-heeled sandals. And carry a cardigan, just in case. Or you can consider some full sleeve shirt or tops in place of tank tops.

Powerful tees:

Yes, T-shirts can be office-appropriate when styled correctly. Start off with a clean, crisp white tee and tuck it into a mid length skirt of your choice. Accessorize with classic heels, a simple bag, and minimal jewellery.

Statement skirts:

Whether it’s a skirt with varying patterns, a faux-wrap, or a style that ties, it’s important to have at least one statement skirt in your closet this summer. Wear it with everything from button-downs to T-shirts and you’re ready for whatever the day throws at you.

Originally casual:

Wearing jeans with a dressy top is the definition of business casual. This outfit is great to wear on Friday, because if you plan on doing something after work, you probably won’t have to change. This is only slightly professional but can be transformed into a night-time outfit as well. This kind of the outfits generally go popular during the spring, so, you must go through some more work outfits to wear during spring.

Ditch the jean outfit:

Casual work outfits don’t just have to mean jeans. Sometimes, you can mix it up especially if you’re a teacher. The simple white top is very basic but is complimented perfectly by the floral skirt and red cardigan. Honestly, this outfit can be adapted in so many ways and can be worn almost all year round.

Short yet sassy outfit:

If you’re looking to be professional but cute, this is a great option. Wearing a regular button-down shirt with a short skirt will give you a slightly sexier look which can be good for work. Plus using relatively the same hue will help the outfit to look even more polished. Picking your shoes will allow you to have a pop of color and some variety.

Summer is best to wear such set of outfits. We’ve another collection of summer work outfits, you must check out that for more inspiration.

Patterned pants:

This is a great casual work outfit idea and a good example of working with patterns. Basic color tops work great because they are generally not that low-cut and can be matched with almost anything. Patterned ankle pants are a great substitute for jeans or dress pants, but still, give you a more polished look.

A new silhouette:

Bored of your classic black trousers? Try a slight twist on your old go-to. Reach for a pair of pants with a slight slouch or detail while still made of a fabric fit for a corporate environment (no cotton jersey). Tuck in a white silk shell and slip into a pair of your most polished heels and you’re good to go!

The denim thing:

This season brought us the gift of tailored denim. Whether it’s high-waisted trousers, A-line dresses, or button-front skirts, the casual twill is now work-appropriate for many more of us.

Great Fall Style

Try these casual work outfits ideas and don’t let the stresses of the office dampen your fashion spirit!