10 Chic Color Combinations to look Stylish All the Time

We want to look beautiful, bright and stylish at all times of the year, but sometimes it’s not easy to find perfect clothing color combinations. Think about how often you wear your treasured leather jacket or how much use you get out of your little black dress. Pairing the right color combination can make or break your outfit so if your wardrobe just have a vast array of black and more black, then fear not because we have chic color combinations to look stylish that will excite and leave you dreaming of ice cream sundaes.

Chic Color Combinations to look Stylish

Red and Blue

Red and blue color combinations are one of our all-time favorite looks. We love how you can totally transform a pair of jeans with a tailored red jacket and a pair of killer heels. It’s sexy without being over the top, and it smartens up a casual look.

Pale Blue and Pink

Soft pinks and blues may sound subtle but when styled in the right way, can be just as eye-catching as a bright pop of color. This color combination works well with a statement shoe like a white stiletto to even out the color palette.

Orange and Blue

Orange and blue is the perfect color scheme to use for color blocking technique. Opt for blue pants and add an orange top or choose a piece that mixes the perfect blend of both colors. For something a little different, try a burnt orange mix with a darker navy blue. be sure to add the perfect shoe.

Tan and Maroon

Tans and light neutral colors can be hard to style, but if you style them with a deep rich color like maroon, you will have a match made in heaven. The key to keeping it exciting and suitable for all skin tones is to ensure you mix texture and hue so try a corduroy skirt with a satin camisole.

Pink and Grey

Pink and grey is a great look which you can utilize all year-round with some versatile pieces. There are no limitations with the way that you can use this clothing color combination. A dark grey pant with a soft pink top can look as equally complimentary.

Purple and White

While white goes with anything, nothing looks more fantastic than when it’s paired with purple. It makes your skin look creamy, and it just oozes femininity and sensuality. Keep reading to know best color combinations to look stylish.

Orange and Black

Whether it’s a dress that perfectly combines this brilliant color combination or individual items, orange and black, is the new black. Nothing lifts a black outfit more than a bright, bold color and orange certainly does it.

Yellow and green:

Fresh and clean Green and yellow looks great on most complexions. A smart yellow blazer can be paired with a simple grey skirt or a pair of jeans. Add a fresh white shirt and you will instantly create a bright new everyday look.

Cobalt Blue and Turquoise

Combine cobalt blue with turquoise and you have a color match that is powerful and bright. A regal blue dress, paired with a casual flat turquoise shoe will see you looking picture perfect regardless of the occasion. You can’t go wrong with these color combinations to look stylish

Purple and coral:

Wearing purple and coral with confidence will make the perfect summer outfit. Coral is flattering for all skin tones, and the deep rich tones of purple give it just the right amount of contrast to ensure it’s not too striking.

Try these color combinations to look stylish. Remember! Our appearance is the key to success!