Popular 10 Cool Summer Hair Color Ideas to Try

A new season is upon us and with it, an opportunity for you to update your hair look. As April showers pass and the sun shines down on May flowers, you might want to consider something brighter! Lighter! Livelier! You get it. Today’s hair color are nothing similar to what we wore before, however, there are certainly a couple of everlasting solutions. Here are cool summer hair color ideas on beach summer hair, denim hair, mermaid hair, pastel waves, two-tone undercuts, white blonde locks, ice-blonde layers and more!

Cool Summer Hair Color Ideas

Tie-dye :

Here’s a beautiful solution for girls who want all at once. Ash blonde hair on the base for rainbow highlights which include both the most popular pastel and neon hues of the season.

Vivid summer colors:

Since vibrant colors are trending, indulge in glossy vivid hues like blues and every other color under the rainbow. Blend in subtle shades for highlights and low-lights for a look that is customized to your taste.

Baby pink:

Pink here is so pretty, especially for spring and summer. If you are thinking about trying a pastel these couple of months, go for a baby pink as it will highlight your features and elevate your style in an instant. If you are looking for some really cool summer hair color ideas then this one is just for you.

Generally, such kind of colors can’t be considered if you’re into some kind of corporate sector. But if you’re one of those who owns the independence to live the life on your own rules, then, you must check the spicing list of spring hair color ideas to go with the trend.


This gray ombre look is a chic, toned-down way to wear an unconventional color. From a dark gray to a paler shade toward the bottom, this style is perfect for any hair length, whether you’ve got a chic bob or long layers.

Mermaid blue:

Blue never seems to go out of style, but this multi colored look is everywhere right now. Combining turquoise, aqua, navy and cobalt, this mermaid-inspired dye job can totally change depending on how you style it. Plus, it works on just about any skin tone.

If you’re still confused in-between dying your hair or not, then you must look into the complete explanation of whether you should dye your hair or not, considering the pros and cons of hair coloring.

Smokey violets:

This one is a classic and cool summer hair color idea. Pastel purple hair has been huge for the past few years, but this smokier violet style is the newer, more modern way to go. Ask your stylist to color your hair with multiple cool-toned purples, giving it dimension and movement.

Bright pop:

Deeper unnatural colors will be popular in a less-is-more manner. Instead of a whole head of unnatural color, a pop of color will serve as a peekaboo on a few select strands.”Expect rich plums, dark navies, and intense magenta.


This is probably the latest technique out of all cool summer hair color ideas. Another fun way to wear color without committing your whole head. This looks exactly how it sounds. This playful coloring technique creates an illusion that the hair is simply dipped in dye. It looks as fun as all over color, but without the hassle of having the grow out or dye over your entire head of hair when you get bored of it.

Watermelon hair:

Sure, watermelon may be your number one favorite juicy snack in the summer, but did you ever imagine it would wind up as a hair trend? Combining vivid greens with sweet pinks is one of the most daring color combos of the season, giving hair an appearance that’s good enough to eat.

So whether you are just taking a dip in the color pool or going for a full div into dimensional color, these cool summer hair color ideas ranging from natural-looking highlights to gorgeous pastel dye jobs will make everyone take a notice for all the right reasons!