45 Cute Casual Party Outfits to copy Right Now

May 15th, 2018

Love it or hate it, partying is part of the typical college experience. From casual dinner parties with your friends to cramped madness and cheap beer at house parties, there’s never any shortage of things to do at college. If you’ve worn all your dressy clothes to death and want some party clothing inspiration, want to buy new party clothes, or just want some new ideas on how to wear your existing stuff, you’ll want to keep reading this article.What are some key pieces you would like to incorporate in your summer work wardrobe? Here are some really cute casual party outfits to copy right now and trust me you will find most of the items in your closet already.

Cute Casual Party Outfits


Amp up your simple outfit with a kimono. There are a ton of kimonos out there with floral prints, abstract prints, anything really. Anything will look great with your white top and jeans.

Denim and white:

Great combination. A bit simple but if you add pointy heels and a sleek ponytail to your look, then you could actually be casual party-appropriate.

Maxi skirts:

Floral maxi skirts are not just for summer. You can sport it anywhere, anytime. You can pair it with white or black top to make the prints of the skirt show more. For your shoes, choose between wedges or flat sandals. An all season cute casual party outfit.

Back to bootleg:

Since everybody is practically wearing skinny jeans or straight-cut jeans these days, bootleg pants are forgotten. If you still own one, pair a flowy cropped top or a simple cropped top to balance your look. Don’t wear jeans like these with long or bulky blouses because it’ll only make you look like you’ve added a couple of extra pounds into your weight.

Leather pants:

One can never go wrong with wearing leather pants. You can style them with absolutely anything. Pair with a bright yellow top and pointy heels. Super sexy and cute casual party outfit.


A striped sweat shirt and jeans with a messy bun and the right accessories can do wonders for your night party look. A perfect Casual party wear combination. Super cute casual party outfit.

Go for gold:

Mix up a bit of gold with your favorite outfits to create the perfect night party look. Combine a gold belt, jewellery and light make-up with a white blouse you can wear with black or blue jeans.

Casual yet trendy:

In case you don’t feel like dressing up and just want to carry a casual yet trendy look then simply wear your favorite jeans with a matching blouse and clutch. To spice things up a notch, you could also go for shoes, nail color and lip stick in a contrasting color.

Lace it up:

Magically turn your little black boring top and black skirts look into something party-appropriate by adding statement shoes like this lace up wedges.

White halter:

Maybe instead of wearing a plain white tee, wear a white halter tank top paired with light jeans with ripped knees and eye-catching sneakers? Put your hair up in a bun and add a necklace so you’re top won’t look extremely plain. Add a couple of bangles, and then you’re good to go.

Tunic dress:

When dressing up for a night party, you can always consider a tunic dress. Want to be the show stealer for a tunic dress in neon color which is sure to turn all heads towards you.

These are some cute casual party outfits to upgrade your casual look into something more party-appropriate, because let’s face it; who attends parties wearing plain and simple outfits?