Let’EmJealous – Fashion information for all you out there! It is a blog for people whom love reading and writing and exploring about fashion. We aim at making our readers happy. We want our readers to feel that they are important and significant part of our family. Let the family be so big that success comes in for sure. Fashion is an everyday need. Be it in your office, college, social or even at home everywhere fashion follows. We here gather latest information about following latest fashion trends. We gather the best of information and write it for you.

Fashion is something which is ever changing. It may change within a week, a day or even in few hours. This is what we basically want to convey by the way of this disclaimer, that we try and write what we feel is the most appropriate but in today’s scenario of ever changing trends we cannot be sure of anything.    We make best efforts so that you love what we write. Our writers try and connect to your needs and write what they feel you need.

Our writers try and write as creative as possible. We try and write their best. Our team actually puts in their mind and soul for you. Our team is given complete freedom to pen down what they want. They have complete authority to express themselves but yeah we also ensure that all that is written is true. No information provided to you is false; everything we write is based on facts.

What’s right is right!

  • We are based on creativity and originality. We write on our own. We don’t believe in copying and we would not at all appreciate anybody copying our content. If any website or blog is found copying our content we shall initiate legal action against them. We do not support copying at all. 
  • We have our own rules and regulations. We do not go by anyone. We believe in complete freedom. Authority brings with itself strength as well as a sense of responsibility, with the same thought we provide certain level of authority to our authors. When we write with that sense we are actually able to write well and that is what strengthens our bond with our readers. Please check our privacy policy and get a complete understanding of our terms and rules. 
  • Our preference forever remains quality irrespective of who you are. Facts matter the most and are always the priority.

Nobody is perfect and that’s a fact!

We aim at being perfect, but you know “nobody” is perfect and we are not “nobody”. We are somebody. We are LetEmJealous.com! But jokes apart, everyone here aims at being perfect but we might make some mistakes, mismanage something or sometimes go wrong but help us correct ourselves at that point. After all even you are also responsible for correcting us. Everyone tries to touch and achieve the best but it happens we are humans after all! We cannot progress without your support. Your suggestions are very valuable to us.  

Fashion is something that changes every moment. We try and be as updated as possible but it is sometimes difficult to catch but still all that we write will hold right that very moment although it may not be as appropriate after sometime. Further, whatever we write will be true based on facts and events and our analysis.

To know about us please do visit our About Us page. The more you know us the better it is for our relationship. We want to stay completely clear with you, as we know transparency helps build strong bonds.