35 Easter Decoration And Craft Ideas To Live The Festive Vibes

Do you love going crafty on festivals? Are you looking for unique and creative Easter decoration ideas? Then, welcome to our favorite list about Easter decoration and craft ideas rounded up in this article. Well! Easter is a great time of the year to really have a go at crafts – either for yourself, your loved ones or for your kids, yes!

As Easter is soon to arrive, so it’s time to gather eggs and think about how you can decorate them differently this time for more fun and to make you’re day extra special. Whether you want something simple for your kids or if you prefer something that looks bit more complicated yet captivating, here are some of the most impressive ideas that are sure to be perfect for your Easter decor needs and make your kids excited. Take a look and get inspired!

Easter Decoration And Craft Ideas

Egg Cartoon Chick!

OMG! The egg cartoon chick is so easy to make and looks simply adorable. You just need to convert your egg cartoon box into a rooster or chick. This craft will definitely take you back to your old childhood days. Moreover, it’s a classic piece to be placed at your center table.

Golden Easter Eggs!

Instead of dyeing the entire egg, don’t you think it’s a great idea to just glue pictures of gold onto it? You just need to choose the images that you want to glue and then trace them from a template and cut. Kids will love creating these eggs as they are beautifully to look at and rank among my all time favorite Easter decoration and craft ideas.

Sleepy Bunny Goody Bags!

Friends! No Easter party is complete without such cute, adorable sleepy bunny goody bags. These goody bags will surely rock up your party mood. You can sew two-three bags together and then fill them with whatever goodies you want to surprise your friends and relatives. Delightful, yeah!

Moss Bunny Topiaries!

Do you want to give your outdoors a beautiful look? Give them an Easter touch with moss bunny topiaries. Buy few little bunnies made of moss from market and plant them in planting pots. Make them large enough and they will give a special Easter touch to your entry door on the porch. Your guests will be surprised to see your Easter spirit when they reach your home.

Yellow Daisy Candle holders!

Easter decoration is not just about eggs and bunnies, agree? To create a pretty table display, wrap a transparent rubber band around a votive holder and add a bright marguerite daisy, then place it in a small dish with water. It’s easy, no fancy equipment required!

Easter egg Garland!

Garland is one decoration that’s popping up everywhere as top Easter decoration and craft ideas. You can make them super duper quickly and easily! Simply cut holes in the bottoms and tops of your eggs to run the yarn through them and then string your eggs in whatever color combinations you prefer.

Burlap Table Runner!

This year instead of spending money, try to make your own Easter table runner. To create a beautiful country looking runner from burlap, it’s a good idea to stencil in whatever picture or message you want. For a completely no sew method, you can use fabric glue.

Tulip Bouquet with peeps!

Isn’t this a great idea to create a beautiful tulip vase! To give stunning display to your favorite tulips, you can use lemon drops and yellow marshmallow peeps. Use your imagination and mix and match purple and yellow colors attractively. The kids will love making them too.

We bet your friends, relatives and kids will love these Easter decoration and craft ideas and you will personally adore the different ways of making your decoration a bit more unique than last year. Guys and gals! It’s time to grab your creativity and choose the project that best suits your decoration needs. And, if you’re among such persons who enjoy making their own Easter decor, then you’ll definitely love these colorful and easy projects.