5 Catchy Eye Makeup Ideas for Every Occasion

Your eyes are your jewelry, let them shine, let them glitter; let them go beautiful all the way. Eye makeup has nowadays has become as important as wearing the right outfit. Right eye makeup is extremely important to give you the right look. Actually eye makeup itself is sufficient to give you the complete and appropriate look you always have been wanting. Eye makeup has suddenly gained a lot of importance and popularity and has become a makeup essential and therefore there are new eye makeup ideas coming up each

Eye Makeup Ideas 6

Brushes are one of the most important things to great makeup technique. It’s always recommended by the makeup artists.Well, in spite of so many ideas for eye makeup we all want to prioritize a few which will suit every occasion. So, here we have a list of eye makeup ideas for every occasion, so as to keep things simple for you!

Eye Makeup Ideas

Puffy eyes

Eye Makeup Ideas 1

Prep up your eyes by applying a concealer or primer before you apply any shadow. You may then select any common light shade and apply that very eye shadow. This eye makeup idea is the one which will never go wrong. This one will never make you look overdone.

Let your eyes no more look tired

Eye Makeup Ideas 2

Your eyes reflect your tiredness and we just don’t want this little thing to spoil your look. Disguise your tired-looking eyes with some light reflecting concealer. This will also brighten and lift your under eye area. This one is elegant yet impressive.

Mascara is for everyone

Eye Makeup Ideas 3

Black mascara will suit every skin color. It is flattering. Black eye liner and black mascara is hot and sexy combination. Probably it is all that any women’s eyes need. Even blue liner and black mascara form a great combination. Actually black mascara forms a good combination with most liners.

Let your lashes lush

Eye Makeup Ideas 4

Create a high impact with your lashes by using some false ones with mascara on them. False lashes look almost natural and add to your over all look. This eye makeup idea will make all attention fall on your pretty eyes. This will supplement your look altogether.

Shadow the tip

Eye Makeup Ideas 5

Matte is doing well even in eye shadows. Matte powder has classic texture and works well on all skin types. Matte is specially meant for beginners. Matte eye shadows are available in a number of colors, but try and find few neutral colors so that they go with all your outfits. Run a slanted brush and make it rather simple.

Well, these are 5 easy to do eye makeup ideas for every occasion but while doing eye makeup certain things must be taken care of like:

  • Applying a base before applying any fine line. Use a subtle base and then apply an appropriate fine line.
  • Don’t just stick to black liners, try green, browns, blues and others as well
  • Don’t just always for single color shadow. Try mix and match of two or even three. Although making a good contrast is a tuff task but we don’t doubt your choice of shades.
  • Dark shades may not look good always but light ones would definitely give you a chic look. Dark shades may at time look gaudy but light will be an elegant choice forever.
  • And yeah whenever in doubt try common neutral colors, try are common because they are good for all!

So darling, these were some eye makeup ideas for every occasion and some tips for lifetime. Now come out of your inhibitions of trying eye makeups and try these ones which will never go wrong. These all are actually elegant and subtle and will definitely add to your look. Have a great day!