7 Unrevealed Hacks to Look Taller than Ever

July 27th, 2016

It’s a myth that people with short height can’t achieve success in any field. But, this is not true. How can short height be considered as an obstacle in the path of success? In fact, short girls have an appealing and cute look as compared to girls with medium or tall height.

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If you are short and want to maintain healthy self-image in this highly competitive world, then there are certain pints to be kept into consideration. Hacks to look taller are appreciated by short girls to large extent as these hacks have proved like a miracle in their life. Remember, being smaller doesn’t mean you have to stay away from the latest fashion trends ruling in the fashion industry, it only means that you have to adapt these trends in such a way that they suit well within your small frame. Here are some makeup brushes that will transform your face are a beauty essential and it’s difficult to leave them.

Hacks to Look Taller

By following these simple and attractive hacks you can make everyone drool and add wow touch to your small look –

Wear Monochromatic Pattern

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Explore the neutral color palette to look taller. Dark colors and prints often make you look shorter than you actually are while, adding monochromatic pattern to your style gives you a structured look and also helps in creating a long visual line which actually makes you look taller.

  • Experiment with stuff like linens, cottons and when too many contrasting colors are added to an outfit, they break up the shapes and help you in elongating your figure.

Invest in Smart Heels

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It’s true, wearing heels all time is not an easy task, it really pains a lot. But, you can’t neglect the fact that adding a few extra inches lengthens your leg line. So, next time whenever you go for shopping look for smart pointed toes or vamp heels. To spice up your wardrobe with footwear you should have this summer plenty of cute summer shoes and sandals options are available in market.

Avoid Boxy Clothing

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This is one trend which is popular among hacks to look taller and even medium height people follow this hack strictly. Mostly, girls with beautiful curves, hide them beneath unshaped clothing. Don’t do that, let them flaunt with your regular style. Boxy clothing only widens your figure not elongate it.

Switch to High Waist Dresses

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Short girls look extremely fabulous when they wear high waisted jeans, maxi skirts, shorts and trousers. Suppose when you style high waisted bottoms for formal occasions, your legs will look longer, which in turn add height to your small frame. Your overall look will be balanced and lean.

Right Hairstyle

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Hacks to Look Taller (9)

To add extra inches to your short frame, opt for short to medium length hairstyle as it helps it highlighting your neck area making your complete look seem longer.

Avoid Prints and Wear Bright Colors

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Prints are always in trend. Try to choose vertical prints and V-shaped patterns that flatter with your skin tone. Also, go for bright colored clothes as they are among popular hacks to look taller.

  • For best results, you can mix and match bright and dark color dresses with your statement accessory.

Choose a Pair of Flared Jeans

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Hacks to Look Taller (14)

Girls love to style skinny jeans, but these jeans make you look even shorter as they bunch at the ankles. To create the illusion of added height, flared, bootleg or hipster jeans are a classic piece that fashionable girls must own in their wardrobe.

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At last, try these hacks to look taller to stay ahead form others in terms of appearance, dressing style and latest trends in this modernized world.