25 Striking Ideas to Wear Velvet Outfits in 2017

A textile that was once exclusively worn during the frozen period of the year, velvet has quickly dominated the world as a year-round material. Well, the credit goes to fashion-savvy stars who carried the plushy fabric anytime from winter to spring. Today, there’s no one in the world who can stand to resist the enticement of velvet. It’s a rich fabric that stands for royalty and nobility on one hand while on the contrary, it features a hazardous stripe and lets you glam up your night. Give a hearty thanks to Cara Delevingne and Kate Hudson who tried out the material and introduced its luxury to the world.


Because of its texture and weight, velvet turns out to be your wardrobe’s staple, be it any season of the year. Available in an array of silhouettes and colors, velvet outfits add instant glamor to your personality. With a sea of options available, it’s always best to experiment with different styles and walk out in a new look everyday. Furthermore, in order to eliminate the feeling of getting overwhelmed by the material, do not try to layer it too much. Team it up with sophisticated outfits and accessories to make a difference.The party season is the best excuse to splurge on the gorgeous party dress that screams world domination. Scroll down below to learn some ideas to wear velvet outfits:

Ideas to Wear Velvet Outfits

Feel Luxurious With A Velvet Jacket


A velvet jacket is a great staple that’s perfect to add a finishing touch to any stylish ensemble. It glams up your personality instantly and gives you a rich look altogether. A deep red jacket when paired with a blue denim and silk camisole can make you feel effortless. It’s comes under great ideas to wear velvet outfit.

Glam Up Your Personality With Blue Velvet Pants


It’s an outfit that will allow you to cut a dash. A blue velvet pant when paired with a trendy sequined crop top sets you apart from others. Team it up with a stylish topper to give this outfit an extra finish.

Bring Out Your Bold Nature


Well, your bold personality is easy to reveal with a velvet cardigan and rugged jeans. Comfortable and easy to wear, it’s a style that makes you look bold. To look glamorous, add some statement jewelry.

A Ready To Go Work Outfit


Office outfits are hard to tackle. Pair your patched velvet skirt with a tank top and for fall, let your nude blazer warm up your body. Now, look sassy with bright blue pumps.

Bring Back Your College Memories


A tomboy look can be easily grabbed with a leather jacket, a white blouse, and a velvet mini skirt. Add dungarees to achieve the college look. Animal print flat pumps can be paired with this outfit.

A Casual Look Is Easy To Achieve


All your daily occasions are hard to tackle. Pair a dark maroon midi skirt with a velvet shirt to achieve that instant trendy look. Wear a golden chain to amp up your look.

Look Youthful and Cheerful


Embrace your curvy figure with a beautiful blue velvet dress. Pair it with sneakers to look cheerful and youthful.

Step Out Confidently With A Black Velvet Dress


A black velvet dress when matched with metallic pumps makes you look gorgeous. For fall, put on a dark maroon coat to break the cold.

Chic All Black Outfit


Well, days are getting colder. To feel cozy, put on your sexy boots, leather pants, chic velvet blazer, and complete the bold outfit with a hat.

Look Casual and Fashionable


Your elegant velvet blazer can let you walk with a free spirit when teamed with distressed jeans. Your black pumps can let you shop all day comfortably.

















So, don’t shy away from playing with the fabric. Look for ideas to wear velvet outfits and get ready to feel surprisingly new.


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