5 Inexpensive Date Ideas for This Summer

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you have a hot date! Summer is full of endless possibilities, so take advantage of the long days and warm nights. Turn up the heat on your relationship without draining your bank account. You don’t need to spend loads of money to make your partner feel cherished.

Inexpensive Date Ideas for This Summer

Couples’ Lemonade Tasting 

Get all your couple-friends together and get to taste! Beyond its undeniably refreshing taste, lemonade is super easy to make. All you need is water, sugar, and lemons to craft this iconic summertime drink.

For this inexpensive date idea, stage a lemonade tasting competition at your house and challenge your couple-friends to make the best tasting drink. Not only will you feel nostalgic about your childhood lemonade stand, but you’ll also walk away with a brand-new recipe that you can adopt as your own.

Couples will have fun working together to concoct the perfect lemony-sweet drink. Invite as many friends as you can: the more people involved in the lemonade tasting, the more lemonade there is to taste! At the end of the competition, you can freeze the extra lemonade in popsicle molds for an icy treat all summer long. The couple with the best tasting lemonade gets kudos and the chance to decide the focus of the next contest. Did someone say… guacamole competition?

Summertime Tattoos

Sun’s out, guns out! Take your partner to get matching tattoos that you’ll show off all summer. No, you don’t have to face the needle to get inked. Summer is the ideal season to get a henna tattoo. Besides being a great complement to any cute summertime outfit, they’re also reasonably priced. You can find henna tattoo parlors all around the country, with prices ranging from $5-$10 for a single design or $20-$40 for something larger and more intricate.

Here are some quick facts for henna newbies:

  • Made from the pulverized leaves of the henna shrub, tattoos done in this style typically last 1-4 weeks and require no needles of any kind.
  • The dye is non-toxic and gentle on sensitive skin.
  • The less you touch it, the longer it lasts.

This summer is the best time to show the world how much you love your partner with a henna tattoo.

Outdoor Concert

From evening jazz in the park to huge days-long festivals, summer boasts gorgeous temperatures perfectly suited for outdoor concerts. Many cities offer concerts on the lawn of their city hall or in a prominent park that’s free for locals. Grab a big blanket and cozy up with the one you love as melodies wash over you under the summer stars. It’s romantic, low-key, and gives you a great reason to snuggle in public.

Outdoor festivals are in a league all their own. Concertgoers from all around the country flood to music festivals to hear their favorite artists and show off their summer concert outfits. Some festivals, like Coachella, are infamously pricey. For an inexpensive alternative, look for an outdoor festival closer to home and purchase single-day tickets instead of the weekend package.

Summer Camp Throwback

Plan a cute date full of your favorite summer camp activities from when you were a kid. Most camp activities are centered around the wonder of the outdoors. Some simple, budget-friendly ideas for a wonderfully nostalgic day are:

  • A hike through the woods
  • Kayaking
  • Rock climbing
  • Splashing in the lake or the river
  • Singing songs
  • Playing hide-and-seek between the trees
  • Making lanyards
  • Eating s’mores by the campfire

Elevate the date by packing a summer camp picnic. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, juice boxes, and sunflower seeds are sure to taste even better when you’re sharing them with your lifelong adventure buddy.

Learn a Summer Skill

Commit yourself to learning one skill with your partner over the course of the summer. You could learn how to fly a kite, roller skate, or do a cartwheel. Set a date each week to work on it a little more until you and your partner are experts… or at least, advanced beginners! No matter what skill you choose, your partner will be there with you every step of the way cheering you on towards your goal.

Learning a new skill while spending extra time with your partner strengthens your relationship in the long-run. Tie your hair back, lather on the sunscreen, pull on some comfortable shoes, and master that new skill!

Summer with your Sweetheart

Make this summer one to remember. Plan thoughtful, dynamic, exciting dates without breaking the bank. With so many inexpensive outdoor activities to take advantage of, consider saving your money to keep the romance alive when the weather turns grey and the world grows cold.