45 Cute Long Bob Hairstyles And Haircuts In 2017

A long bob is one of the hottest and much deserved hairstyle to have in 2017 because the style manages to look universally flattering on all hair types and face shapes. Interestingly, from past few years it has been categorized as the hairstyle of the year. Gals! In simple words, lobs are classic and beautiful. You can style your lob as a down up do or lift your locks in a sort of half-up hairstyle – the options are endless, but what’s the best part? Long bob hairstyles and haircuts are easy to wear but require a quick styling method.

Fashion-forward gals! Continue scrolling down and check our exclusive gallery of long bob hairstyles for inspiration. And if you’re a core bob hairstyle lover then, you must check short bob hairstyle collection.

Long Bob Hairstyles And Haircuts

Long Directional Waves!

This stunning look is amazingly easy to achieve. Curl your hair from the back of the head rather than up to the top and then reroute waves into a new, interesting direction that will accentuate any cut. This hairstyle looks stunning on both thick and thin hair.

Textured Lobs!

Attention ladies! Does your face looks like a baby? Do you have round cheeks? A textured lob is the right style to achieve a slimming effect. Start with side parting your hair and let the hair fall over the cheeks to showcase the longer middle section of your face and be ready to say ‘thank you’ for all the compliments it will bring!

Caramel and Gold Bob!

The caramel and gold bob style ranks among simplest long bob hairstyles and haircuts. That’s true long bob haircuts look truly good when styled with messy hair, but when done in caramel and gold, look extremely fashionable and outstanding. If you’ve shorter locks, going with a bit lighter shade is a much preferable choice.

Strong and Classic Shaped Bob!

Wow, the favorite thing about this look is its versatility. It’s strong and classic shape that falls below the jaw line flatters every face shape and gives you a fabulous look. However, if you wish to achieve a more relaxed or bohemian look, you need to add more texture to it and for that using a refresh dust dry shampoo is a good choice.

Sun kissed Bob!

It’s a great textured long bob style. Gals! When you’re on beach, must opt for this. Well, one of the best things about this look is that you can either spend complete 30 minutes styling it attractively or spray some sea salt and just spend 30 seconds. Yes, spray it nicely and scrunch it in when the hairs are damp for a more natural beach perfect look.

Dramatic Bob!

A dramatic bob hairstyle is categorized among fantastically easy and modern long bob hairstyles and haircuts 2017. What you’ll just love about this style is the angle created with scissors from the back of the haircut to the front part creating a dramatic look. So, women planning to get this look…DON’T BE SCARED. Go for it without any second thought!  

Trendy Tousled Bob!

This adorable cut is so sweet and simple! This ultimate long bob cut get its shape from layers that are slightly shorter at the back and short pieces are longer in the front. To achieve super-chic waves, if you’re looking for a no-heat solution, spray hair with a salt spray and then braid just above the top half of your hair.

‘Not too short, not too lengthy’ these long bob hairstyles and haircuts are so chic that they ensure to be in trend like this forever. We had tried our level best to present the complete list of long bob hairstyles and cuts with all the modern twists you can imagine. So, young gals! Choose your favorite bob hairstyle from above list and don’t you dare miss this chance to elaborate your unique inimitable image.