10 Badass Mens Hairstyles to try in 2016

July 25th, 2016

So now we are in 2016! And you are looking for variety of Badass Mens hairstyles to adapt from. Hairstyles are not limited to fashion, but they are popularized among youth via television industries. With immense kinds of hairstyles available, sometimes it may be exciting to move from one particular hairstyles to another. Other thing about hairstyles is that it can be interpreted in many ways, like Every woman would love to look 21 forever! You have to look for the one which suits you the best. Men with beard may have difficulty in finding the right hairstyles. This is because not all the Men Hairstyles can match your beard. Following are different hairstyle to look upon.


Badass Mens Hairstyles

High Fade Pompadour

Badass Mens Hairstyles 1

The Pompadour is popular men hairstyles popularly. In this very hairstyle, hair is to be combed into a high mound at the front of head. Although there are several variations to this style, the basic concept is, hair is kept upwards from the face.

Puffy hairstyle

Badass Mens Hairstyles 2

This version of haircut will depend on the kind of hair you naturally possess. These kinds of haircut include big volume and texture which will suit the gentlemen’s style. With layering of your hair and creating more texture will be the best when it comes to styling puffy hairstyle. People who have curly hair will find these to be done easily.

Long hairstyle

Badass Mens Hairstyles 3

These types of hairstyles are not classical now. People still like to keep long hair which will suit their personality whether it is a regular innocent guy or a bad ass guy. This style combines short hair with long, with blunt of hair on top which is an eye-catching impression.

Top Knot hairstyle

Badass Mens Hairstyles 4

For something different what you need is a knot haircut. Men who have knot are still popular and why not? These are one of the men hairstyles that reflect the more modern context version of look. Men who don’t want long hair and are tired of their maintenance must try this one!

Forward swept hairstyle

Badass Mens Hairstyles 5

This haircut doesn’t mean a messy look rather it gives an impression of neat look. With the short hair this hairstyle with hair kept forward and the gel applied gives a decent look. Surely this one has to be tried this year!

Side-swept hairstyle

Badass Mens Hairstyles 6

This will mainly depend upon where your hair naturally falls. This hairstyle kept on side which you like with a side swept undercut and that’s all what you need. Keep in mind that you are making your hair fall on the right side, otherwise it might look clumsy.

Slicked Back Hairstyle + Bared

Badass Mens Hairstyles 7

And if you have long hair, try this trend. Cutting on the sides with the regular polishing is what this style demands. You should determine the length you need. Beard will obviously add a texture to your look.

Fade Hairstyles

Badass Mens Hairstyles 8

Don’t need any hair? Or just tired of regular comb. Then this would suit you. Just the right way of cutting is what you need. Get your haircut with a clearly defined hairline with a halfway fade down on the sides and at the back.

Disconnected- High Fade

Badass Mens Hairstyles 9

This underlines a contrast between your hair up on the top and the shaven side of your hair with a line. It mainly comes down to your styling sense and as to what length would you like to reframe.

High-top/flat top

Badass Mens Hairstyles 10

These hairstyles are for the men who strictly want straight hair in the middle with the side fading down. It depends upon how thick your hair are. Men with straight hair can create more texture with layering which is something important.

Above mentioned mens hairstyles are the best to select from. And now when you have read the hairstyles to adapt from then what are you waiting for? Go now and tell the person at salon the particular type of style that will enhance your look. Just make sure you don’t include beard to every style. And I am sure you would grab all the attention!