10 Popular Spring Hair Colors And Ideas In 2018

March 16th, 2018

When the season changes, do you really know that like trying new skincare products and rethinking about fresh makeup techniques, a hair color update is also worth considering as the weather warms. This year, if you’re looking for popular spring hair colors and ideas that seamlessly give slimming effect to your face, then this post is for you.

Fashion lovers! Can you suggest any better way to change up your hair look for spring than a new hue? Interestingly, this spring season is all about beautiful, natural-looking hair colors. Friends! Browse through these 10 ultimate spring hair coloring options and decide which color technique suits you best!

But before coming on the conclusion of the decision whether you should go for hair color or not, you much check out the pros and cons of dying hair. This would surely help you to make the appropriate decision considering all the factors.

Popular Spring Hair Colors And Ideas

Cool Chestnut!

Though the color resembles much brown in appearance, but it’s slightly darker and holds a touch of red just like a chestnut has. Do you have natural blondes and looking for some darker shades but not too much dramatic, then you must opt for this color without any hesitation.

Golden Honey!

Are you looking for a shade that stays true to your natural color, opt for a lighter golden honey hue. It is a nice hair color that compliments well with your skin tone. If you prefer, you can highlight some of your roots.

Fiery Red!

Though red is more on the fiery side but it still ranks among popular spring hair colors and ideas in 2017. Ladies! You must thanks to the lighter pieces that are visible throughout. This color adds a golden glow if you have fair skin tone.

White Hot!

Fashionables! Are you looking for a shade that doesn’t require high-maintenance? Then, high impact platinum is an excellent choice. ‘White hot’ is the shade that’s much lighter and significantly brighter than other shades.

Bright Copper!

This super-cool toned hair color is best for women having fair, peach-colored or golden-toned skin and straight or wavy hair. If you’re already having an ultra-light shade, this bright copper shade is a great way to add a temporary splash of color.

Sweet Strawberry!

If you already have blonde and want to dip your toe into more reds, try strawberry golden blonde. The strawberry shade adds color to skin, enhance your skin complexion and you will look more refreshing.

Baby Pink!

Gal’s favorite! Pink is the color that adds right amount of softness to your hairs. To achieve a standardized and captivating look, it’s a great choice dying your hair baby pink instead of a candy floss pink hair.


When you’re looking for popular spring hair colors and ideas, how can you forget ‘Blorange’ – the ultimate color mix to watch in 2017? ‘Blorange’ is the perfect color between blonde and ginger and looks prettier enough!

Neon Streaks!

Well, one of my close friends exploded herself with the stunning pinky purple neon color last year at farewell party and everyone got shocked. So, this year we suggest you to try streaky neon accents to show off your funky, stylish, carefree and adventurous side.

Warm Brown – Black!

When you plan to go for a darker hair color, opt for a hue that looks like it could be the color you were born with. Well! To keep your super-dark hair really silky and shiny, apply a clear gloss on it after every three weeks.

It can be rightly said at end that spring season is an excellent time for changing up one’s hair. So, whether you’re just taking a dip in the color pool or going for a full dive into dimensional color – these popular spring hair colors and ideas ranging from natural-looking highlights to gorgeous brown-black hair – will get easily noticed by others for all the good reasons. Don’t forget, the most attractive hair color will bring out the subtleties of your skin tone and add more hot touch to it.