45 Pretty Easter Nails Art Designs Worth Trying

Nail art trend has marked great importance in the history of fashion industry. Isn’t young gals and beautiful ladies, you love to have latest, cute and adorable patterns on your nails? As spring season is soon to arrive, so here comes the great holiday of Easter.

Friends! During Easter time, when you love to try everything new and stunning, then how can you forget to try out pretty Easter nails art designs. This year rock the festival of Easter by painting your nails beautifully with a combo of eastern and spring symbols.So don’t worry I would provide you the latest ongoing trend and the right combination that would just suit you for every event. Interestingly, note here that no Easter nail is complete without bunnies, chicken and colorful eggs.

Pretty Easter Nails Art Designs

If you’re looking for some cute nail art designs for grand Easter celebration, you are at the right place! We have put together a compilation of  Easter nail ideas that will surely inspire you and spark your creativity. STAY TRENDY AND ENJOY!

Speckled Eggs!

Do you want your nails to look glamorous and hot throughout Easter celebration? Then speckled eggs pattern is a superb option to go with. To achieve this nail design you need to file your nails into an oval shape, so that they look more egg like. For best results, color the eggs yellow.

Aztec Pattern Easter Nails!

Pretty Easter nails art designs add perfect amount of joyful spirit to the very special occasion of your life. Try to go for some Aztec looking patterns on to the nails over a base paint with a contrasting color. To make it more colorful, use different colors, but make sure to give proper finishing.

Yellow Chick with a Bow!

To achieve this fabulous design, simply color the base of your four fingers with yellow color and apply shimmer over it, except the center finger. Keep the center finger’s base white and draw chick’s face with a bow placed at the corner of nail.

Bunnies with Carrots!

Well, it’s difficult to believe that how Eastern bunny nail art can look really pretty. Young Divas! To achieve this well appreciated design, simply paint the base with light cream color and then draw different postures of bunny. To give vibrant touch, add red color carrots on the tips of your nails.

Polka Dots with Bunny Head!

Simple, chic and office appropriate, this polka dot unique pattern is among pretty Easter nails art designs. Using dotted tool and a nail art brush create the bunny head and for the polka dots… keep the base nail paint in different colors.

Free Hand and Fimo Easter Nails!

This Easter design is easy to do! A simple bunny on a grass with some Easter grass is a quite popular nail art for the Easter time and your friends will go crazy when they see this pattern. You can also try some Fimo cane slices for the eggs to relieve you of drawings out eggs. Use some stripes for awesome grass effect.

Colorful Easter Eggs!

Easter eggs look graceful with all dresses even if you’ve worn a simple outfit. Yeah…many old ladies and girls love decorating their nails with Easter eggs as a part of their celebration. Colorful Easter eggs placed on each finger look captivating!

Free Hand Easter Nails!

If you can draw dots, zigzag lines, a circle and a triangle, then you can totally master this cute nail design! For sophisticated touch, add some stones and studs above whatever design you choose.

14 Cute Easter Nail Art Designs

If you’re a beginner and not familiar with nail art, you’ll definitely love these easy and pretty Easter nails art designs. From sparkles to matte finishes, to pastels – we have vivid designs. So, if you want to alter changes in your current nail designs, then these symbols of Easter prove to be good source of inspiration and perfect to give boost to your creative thoughts.