To Dye Or Not To Dye Your Hair | Pros And Cons Of Hair Dying

Are you confused whether to dye or not to dye your hair? Well! Color treatments can potentially damage the charm of natural hair but if you take precautions such as getting your hair colored by a professional then you don’t have to worry. In general, hair dye works as a replacement or covering up option for the color pigment naturally found in your hair. Moreover, implementation of synthetic dyes weakens and damages your hair permanently.

This summer season, if you’re looking for a way to put a little oomph to your hair, then hair coloring is the best option.Not taking more than just a few minutes of yours, here in this post we present truly awesome and unique hair style hacks that are surely going to change the way you look and feel when it comes to styling your hair. But, there are few pros and cons of hair dying you must consider whether you opt for a temporary or permanent hair color.

Pros And Cons Of Hair Dying

Here are few pros and cons that I personally experienced after having my hair colored for the first time.

PROS of Hair Dying/ Hair Coloring

Enhance your Appearance!

Are you bored of your old same look? Stop worrying anymore! You can instantly enhance your overall appearance by switching to hair coloring. In summer, opt for lighter shades as they make you look fresh and younger, while on the other hand darker shades give your dramatic look.

Safe to Use!

Do you keep changing your hair color every time? If you’re using chemicals or heavy formulaic dyes, then your hair will become rough and possibility of hair breakage is endless. Whereas, hair dyes are becoming more plant based and deep condition your hair from the roots.

Provide volume to dull hair!

Gals! Do you have thin hair and scared of trying hair dye? Well! Hair dying is a great way to give the illusion of thickness to your dull hair. It can thicken each strand of hair thus adds more body and volume to natural looking dull hair.

Availability of Customized Shades!

These days, colors choices are endless and you can achieve customized results! Suppose, you want to a family function and you want to get away from your usual look. It’s recommended to consult a professional hair stylist and choose a shade that enhances your personality.

CONS of Hair Dying/ Hair Coloring

Maintenance seems tough!

If you’ve color treated hair, you cannot use the hair products of normal hair. Regular hair products remove the dyes faster. For example – if you have chosen a blond shade after red hair color, then you should only use violet-colored shampoo to maintain that color look.

Are quite expensive!

If you desire to have a truly intricate hair color, then it might cost you a lot as compared to local hair colors available in market. You can have a discussion with your stylist that suits you best and also cost less.

Thinning OF Hair!

Freshly colored hairs are thinner in texture than natural hair. It is termed among both pros and cons of hair dying as you can add fullness by using voluminizing hair products like hair mousse. You can even make them look thick by massaging with coconut oil or aloevera gel.

Cause Dryness!

It’s true, when you color your hair you need to moisturize it well and take good care of it to keep them shiny and healthy. If you frequently color your hair, then you need to moisturize them with good conditioner. And, yes! Black hair tends to dry more.

Yeah, Friends! It’s true that ‘hair dying is a fast and fun way to change your look instantly.’ However, the process behind it may be extremely painful, but the end result is fabulous to look at. So, there is nothing wrong in changing up your hair color once in a while, but there are some definite pros and cons of hair dying one must consider before dying hair.