60 Simple Henna Tattoo Designs to try at-least once

June 21st, 2017

Henna – Something that every girl, every lady loves!

Simple Henna Tattoo Designs (2)

For those who don’t know about Henna, Henna is a type of a shrub with a literal translation of henna from an Arabic term. It is a pulverized leaves from the main plant that has a dyeing properties. Some of the colors of henna include green, red, and pink, among others. It is basically used as a body-coloring agent.

Simple Henna Tattoo Designs

People get Henna done over hands, foot and legs on various occasion. It is a sign of prosperity, happiness and good luck.

Simple Henna Tattoo Designs (6)

Simple Henna Tattoo Designs (2)

But then getting Henna done is a problem too. The problem is getting those long and heavy Henna done every time is very cumbersome and something really very difficult to handle. Sitting with your hand upright for hours!! You aren’t able to work and that what bothers you the most! Then comes a point where you go through the dilemma of choosing between the Henna and the work! Well, we understand your situation very well and so here we are. Instead of getting your full hands done with Henna why don’t you try Henna tattoos? Henna tattoos are something one must keep on trying. They are something sweet, small and easily manageable! We here a list of simple Henna tattoo designs to try at-least once!

Here we go with the ideas and simple deigns of Henna tattoo which are just made for you!

A simple lotus blossom:

A simple lotus blossom 1

A simple lotus blossom 3

A simple lotus blossom 4

A simple lotus blossom 5

Let the blossoming lotus blossom you as well. It is something very pretty and cute. Try it once at least!

A simple flower:

A simple flower 2

A simple flower 3

A simple flower 5

A beautiful flower for someone beautiful like you!

Delicate swirls

Delicate swirls 1

Delicate swirls 3

Delicate swirls 4

Delicate swirls 5

Try a mix of swirls with flowers. Thick and thin swirls with a prominent flower over your upper back will look damn sexy. It is worth flaunting all the way!

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