9 Self Practiced Summer Makeup Tips To Stay Glamorous All Day Long

Summer is the best season for fun events, exciting trips with friends and time off from our hectic usual routines, while summer has one major flaw as well i.e. keeping makeup looking fresh. Yes! Summer is full of wonderful things, but smeared eyeliner, sticky lip color and melting makeup are not among them. So, read on some of the best summer makeup tips to stay glamorous all day long mentioned in this post.Today,we provide you some of the easiest ideas for making unique hairstyle within few minutes without spending much time on ironing and straightening. They are a great alternative, especially when the temperatures crest past 90s, your makeup seems to slide off your face whenever you put it on and you start sweating as soon as you leave the house. But, fear not – there is no need to keep your makeup bag aside until the weather cools down. It’s just a question of choosing right summer makeup tips depending on your skin type. Check this list!

Summer Makeup Tips To Stay Glamorous

Try a Tinted Moisturizer!

Beauties! Do you feel comfortable going entirely nude? Obviously not, right! So, it’s nice swapping foundation for tinted moisturizers that add radiance to the even skin tone and don’t look heavy in the heat.

Apply Gloss to Lips!

Remember, to prep your lips with an emollient balm before applying gloss. Though glosses look slick, but they don’t provide the moisture your lips need. In summers, ultra sensitive lips are also susceptible to UV damage, so go with the highest SPF lip gloss. Moreover, a balm will also help color go on more smoothly.

Try a smoky Eye in Summer Tones!

Bring glamour into your summer look by opting for summer tones like pinks or warm browns. Even, peach tones also work great for any skin tone and complement fresh summer tans! This trick is ranked among top summer makeup tips to stay glamorous all day long.

Use Cream Blush not Bronzer!

Multitasking products are always a better choice in summers. Using cream blush in a warm, nude shade is a favorite choice of many girls in summers. Interesting to note – it’s equally flattering on eyes, lips, cheeks and even as a highlighter on the shoulders and legs.

Use Primer before Foundation!

Yeah, just like an artist does! You also need to prepare your canvas, and that’s where the importance of primer matters. Applying primer before foundation or eye shadow area helps your makeup to last longer.

Try Finishing with Mists!

It’s easy! After finishing your makeup, just apply light finishing spray on your face to set your look and protect your makeup from spreading in the summer heat. Try to put 24-hour stay formula.

Keep Blotting Papers Handy!

Another one of the most helpful summer makeup tips to stay glamorous all day long is to always be prepared well in-advance. During hot summer days, there are bound to be times when you may need to touch up your powder and deal with the hot rays of sun. And, if you don’t want to carry a powder compact with you, then keep a little book of blotting paper handy.

Wear Sheer Cream Eye Shadow!

Sheer cream won’t melt easily and summers are an excellent time to experiment with new bright colors. For a soft wash of color, go for a sheer look.

Sweat proof Lashes!

Makeup in summers, without waterproof mascara seriously can’t work. It can withstand at office, the pool, at party and at gym without a single smudge. So, must go for it!

“Women don’t sweat, they glisten,” the saying goes. Yeah, agree. So, Ladies! To keep your makeup away from melting this summer, make a routine of trying these ultimate summer make-up tips to stay glamorous all day long as sun can really wreak havoc on a made up face. And, we bet these tricks will do wonders to your skin.