The Difference Between Hot Fusion and Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

Have you ever been to the hair salon to get hair extensions fixed on your hair, and you were asked if you wanted a hot fusion or a cold fusion? And you’re like “them, what does physics have to do with hair extensions?”

Or have you ever gone through the terminologies used in hair extensions and you’re blown away by the words; hot fusion and cold fusion. Words that you are practically hearing for the first time, that you hardly know the difference between them.

Well, we’ve got good news, better news and the best of news. The good news is that hot fusion hair extensions and cold fusion hair extensions are both wonderful hair extensions. The better news is that they are slightly different. The best part is that we are going to tell you everything you need to know about them.

Difference Between Hot Fusion and Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

Let’s start with familiarizing you to the two hair extensions.

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions

Hot fusion is a strand method that is attached at the keratin (a protein compound) based tips with a heating element or tool. They are also known as tip hair extensions or keratin hair extensions and are applied to your natural hair in small sections with heated keratin-based adhesive. It’s almost like applying regular glue to your hair, but it’s much better and gentler on your hair as it is made of 90% keratin.

Hot fusion hair extensions last 2 – 4 months, installing the hot fusion hair extensions into your hair takes approximately 3 hours. Updos, half up-down, and practically any types of hairdo can be done as long as you’ve got your hot fusion hair extensions fixed on.

Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

Cold fusion is also another strand method that is applied by weaving small sections of your hair through a micro link tube. Cold fusion hair extensions are also known as micro link extensions, micro loop extensions, or i-tip extensions and they are installed by using weaving tools and pliers to weave the small sections of the hair.

Compared to Hot fusion hair extensions, the cold fusion hair extensions are gentle alternatives. You don’t need to use heat to apply the hair extensions to your hair. It is a heatless hair extensions method that attaches the hair extensions through the use of an ultrasound applicator.

They are specifically designed to be more gentle on your natural hair as compared to the hot fusion hair extensions.

What else makes the slight differences between these two very popular methods of keratin hair extensions? Let’s keep on scrolling through.


The method of application for the two keratin hair extensions methods says all the difference we want to know about.

Let’s take the application steps for the hot fusion extensions first.

  • Step 1: Section your hair. You’re not going to be the one doing the application to your own hair, so you have nothing to worry about. Section the hair from the bottom section to the top of the hair.
  • Step 2: Twist your strands to ease the placing of pre-tipped hair extensions.
  • Step 3: Place the pre-tipped hair extensions under the hair and hold it with one hand.
  • Step 4: Place the hair connector tool under the hair and roll the fused part of the hair with your fingers, don’t forget to try and close it up tightly.
  • Step 5: And finally, do not apply shampoo or conditioner to the hair till after 24 hours have elapsed.

Now that we’ve covered the hot fusion, let’s look into the step of applying for cold fusion hair extension.

  • Step 1: Section off the hair from the bottom of the hair to the top of the hair.
  • Step 2: Insert a pulling needle through the tube.
  • Step 3: Grab a portion of hair with the pulling needle and slide the portion of hair through the tube.
  • Step 4: Hold the tube half an inch or an inch away from the scalp and insert pre-tipped hair through the tube.
  • Step 5: Flatten the tube and Voila that’s all. Now repeat these steps till we’ve got everything on lockdown.

That’s all the differences that matter, no tapes, no glues, nothing. They cost low and the tools used are quite affordable.

In conclusion, both fusion methods of keratin can result in a flawless look without bumps like the sew-in method of hair extensions attachment. Either you go for the micro-loops that make you create a flattering look or for the hot fusion that makes you quite beautiful. Whichever one you choose, make sure you rock it well.