8 Reasons Why Short Girls Are Better Girlfriends

Relationship of a guy and a gal is far above everything in this world. The close bonding and the intimate love feelings they share with each other needs no explanation when they’re in true love and that’s what makes this relation even more special and blissful. Friends, isn’t it! When it comes to choosing your love mate, you want him/her to look best from all aspects. Today, in this post, we’re presenting few reasons why short girls are better girlfriends for guys with high dreams and immense love feelings! Sounds interesting, right!

Guys! If you’re one among those, then you may have noticed when it comes to women melting your heart easily – your first preference would be short and petite as they look pretty attractive and charming. Here are top 8 reasons explaining why short girls make the best girlfriends ever. Check!

Why Short Girls Are Better Girlfriends

It feels awesome to hug them!

What makes hugging a short girl special is that her head is right below your chin, so you can easily grab this opportunity to kiss her forehead and her arms around your waist when you’re hugging her is the best feeling in every sense.

They need your protection!

It’s among most impactful reasons why short girls are better girlfriends. They are short, cute and seemingly vulnerable. This makes you realize that you always need to protect or keep her safe from strangers and you cannot afford to be a chicken when you’re going around with a short girl.

You can save a lot of money!

Really, short girls don’t need much food to keep their body going. They don’t even require too much accessories. You can even do shopping for them in kids section and save money from buying proper sized dresses.

You can pick and move them easily!

Carrying her in your arms is the most wonderful and romantic feel, yeah! Picking her up like she’s some feather in your arms looks so cute. Whenever she gets scared from a cockroach or a lizard or if she is stuck up in a crowded place, you can just pick her up and carry her somewhere she feels most comfortable.

It’s funny when she’s yelling at you!

A short girl very well knows that she cannot hit or shout at you because she’s just so small and no amount of strength can create any kind of impact on you. But those threats are simple adorable to look at, right!

It’s not awkward kissing a short girl!

The reason why short girls are better girlfriends lies in the fact that kissing someone who is shorter is cute, especially when they stand on their toes to kiss you and make you feel amazing.

They look younger and flawless!

Short girls grow old slowly. Yes, they look younger than women of their age, making them irresistible beyond words. So, always date with a short girl – after all which man doesn’t want a girl who ages gracefully.

They will stay longer with you!

Short girls are always good at heart. They love you for the person you are, may be because they are convinced that you love them unconditionally no matter how short they are. They are known to be forever types.

All above reasons explaining why short girls are better girlfriends are as concrete as they can be and this makes them the best life partners to have throughout your life. We hope that these points may have convinced you that choosing a life partner shorter in height will never prove the wrong decision of your life; however it’s the best thing that could have ever happened with you. Lastly, short girls are a combined package of cuteness and sexiness. So, guys! Get out of your nest and fall in love with a short girl.