8 Yoga Poses To Get Rid Of Sleepless Nights

July 26th, 2016

Were you awake till 2 a.m. last night or even beyond that! Your dark circles are prominently revealing that my friend! It seems you have forgotten what a good night sleep is! Due to your stressful life and tensions running in your mind you are encountering those sleepless nights! This is known as insomnia and is very common to find these days but is a very bad signal for your health.

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Looking into the pace at which this problem is growing, the future seems scary. Nevertheless, yoga can really help you get over the problem of insomnia. We have listed down for you yoga poses to get rid of sleepless nights.

Yoga Poses To Get Rid Of Sleepless Nights

Here goes the list for most effective yoga poses to get rid of sleepless nights

Forward Bend Pose or Hastapadasana

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This pose really helps in stretching the back muscles. It stimulates the nervous system by basically working on root cause of most problems i.e. improving the blood supply and also makes spine relatively flexible and fit. Improvement in blood circulation also makes one feel energetic throughout the day.

Cat Stretch Pose or Marjariasana

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It is considered one of the best yoga poses as it improves the flexibility of the spine. It helps in improving digestion which helps you sleep peacefully at night. It helps in relieving stress in an individual by improving blood circulation.

The Headstand or Shirshasan

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It is known as the king of asanas. This posture is actually a difficult one and usually a beginner won’t be able to do it alone. Nevertheless, it is an extremely powerful asana because of its overall effect on the whole body. It not only helps on getting rid of sleepless nights but almost every problem in human body will need headstand as a part of curing procedure.

Butterfly Pose or Badhakonasana

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This particular pose relaxes your thigh muscles and pelvic region. It further stimulates the heart which helps in relieving mild depression and pain in the legs which is a usual complaint among many these days.

Head to knee Pose or Janu Sirasana

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A not so difficult pose which has multiple benefits. It Calms the brain. It helps in improving digestion. It opens up hips and relieves one from anxiety and discomfort.

Child’s Pose or Balasana

Yoga Poses To Get Rid Of Sleepless Nights 6

This pose is deeply relaxing for the back, chest and shoulders. It helps your nervous system go easy and thereby helping you breathe properly. It is one of my favorite yoga poses for good night sleep. The very essence i.e. importance of this yoga pose is therapy to insomnia.

Legs up the wall Pose or Viparita Karani

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It helps in proper blood circulation as well as getting rid of pain in legs and knees. It helps improve digestion. It is known to provide cure for headaches and migraines. It is one of the most important poses with restorative nature.

Corpse Pose or Shavasana

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One of the favorite poses in yoga classes. Everyone enjoys this particular pose in yoga classes! This very pose is meditative, relaxing, restoring, and transforming. It deeply energizes you from the core. It repairs cells and tissues. It further reduces blood pressure. It also grounds the body and balances the nervous system.

Curing insomnia and getting rid of those sleepless nights is very important or else it may create bigger heath issues in future. Please do not take this lightly. Try these yoga poses and practice them daily. Your well-being is important for your family, so please don’t take any risk with your heath. These yoga poses will certainly help you in getting a good sleep at night. Initially you may find certain poses difficult and tiring but slowly and gradually when you will get use to them, you will face no problem at all.